Dear Doctor,

It gives us immense pleasure in inviting you to this National Oncology Update, being held from 15th to 16th July 2006 at the Army Hospital (R&R), Delhi Cantt. It will be clubbed with a Symposium on Carcinoma Breast and III Annual Meeting of Armed Forces Oncology Group.

With increasing Longevity, Changing lifestyles and other innumerable factors, Cancer is on the rise. Much of this can be attributed to improved screening programmes and investigational techniques. Luckily with the increasing number of cancer patients, there has been a corroborative increase in the detection, and treatment modalities in Oncology. This is a scientific boon for the Oncologist and the patients in fighting the menace of Cancer.

There has been a tremendous advancement in the investigational and treatment facilities in Oncology over the last tow decades, with almost all patients being managed with multimodality treatment. Keeping abreast with these advancement is mandatory for all who are involved in Cancer care, and we are sure that this conference will go a long way in achieving this goal.

The success of cancer management lies with early detection, and this is where the role of general practitioners and the specialists is of paramounrt significance. Creating an awareness of cancer and its early detection amongst them is the need of the hour.

The above conference is being organised under the theme Common Cancers of India, has a triple aim. To help the oncologist to get abreast with the current day trends in cancer management, in creating cancer awareness amongst general practitioners and specialists and in educating the postgraduates and nurses by the CME Programmes.

The conference will provide you a great opportunity in educating yourself and for interacting with the eminent guest faculty from the renowned institutes of the civil and Armed Forces of the country.

We anxiously look forward to your gracious presence during the conference for a delightful treat mixed with academic enrichment, social interaction and a memorable trip.

Brig G Rajagopal, AVSM
Conference Convener

Col A K Dhar
Course Director


Lt Col S Kapoor, VSM
Organizing Secretary

You can contact
Brig G Rajagopal, AVSM  9818202605
Col A K Dhar 9810818266
Lt Col S Kapoor, VSM 9899126646
Lt Col B N Kapur 9871430505
Surg Cdr S Ranjan 9818865262
Lt Col N Chakravorty 981039520
Lt Col N Kannan 9818202603
Lt Col S Gupta 9810479046

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